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Education Free Athiphat Tiahong iPhone, iPad, iPod

- Learn to count numbers 1 to 10
- Understand the numbers (123...10)

Learn Counting 123, which is designed to help the kids in learning Math digits. The purpose of this App is to instill the knowledge of Math learning and counting in the most interactive way by keeping the kids interest. Counting is the most convenient way of helping kids to learn Math numbers, shapes and to recognize the major animals that are given in Kid Math.

How to play
Game for kids: counting 123 is designed for young minds and tiny fingers, the gameplay is very very simple. The animals appear one by one on the scene, your kids interact with the pets by tapping directly to discorver the funny animals world.
The funny bacground musics will be got your child excited to learn while playing. We spent to research sounds of videos Baby Einstein or Little Einsteins, (Baby Einstein is a line of multimedia products and toys that specialize in interactive activities for preschool viewers aged 4 years old and younger. Subjects music, art, language, science, and mathematics are prominently explored [wikipedia]), this is symphony of Bach, Mozart, Braham, Chopin, ... helps stimulate your baby's brain development.

Why First Step?
Every journey starts with the first steps. On the journey to explore the vast world wide, your kids will start with the most simple things. Children familiarize this world with their parents' voices at the first moment when they were born, then the children learn how to crawl, learn how to walk, learn how to run... Next, they familiarize themselves with our procedures; recognize the things around them, such as : human body parts for kids; sounds of nature (animal nature sounds, river nature sounds, sea nature sounds, nature ocean sounds, thunder and wind sounds nature sounds nature); learn how to distinguish difference between animals (birds, dolphin, chicken, ... ) and plant. Next, the children will study numbers 123, alphabets, letters; study how to paint; study how to distinguish between shapes, colors (yellow, red, green, pink, blue, ...); etc... We, First Step, step with your kids to open new horizon.


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