Download KeyMote - Remote for Tesla Model S & Model X

KeyMote - Remote for Tesla Model S & Model X

Experience your Tesla with all new free KeyMote - for Tesla Model S & Model X Owners
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Prepare your Model S / X from your iPhone.

• Start TESLA with touch ID without needing a password (can be disabled)
• Opens, connects, and issues commands faster than the Tesla App
• Adjust the panoramic roof to more settings than just vent
• Charger map around your car position incl. navigation
• Stay on top of additions to the Charger and Supercharger network
• Unlock/lock car
• Start/Stop HVAC (Heating and A/C)
• Roof control (if you have a pano roof)
• Temperature change
• Honk horn
• Flash lights
• Start and stop charging
• Open/close charge port (if supported)
• Car location display and tracking
• Support for kilometers/miles and Celsius/Fahrenheit
• Apple watch app

Free with In-app Purchase :
With KeyMote free, you can access following functionalities for free
• Monitor vehicle through Vehicle Status Panel
• See live data
• See current location
• Monitor battery status and est. range
• Control Panorama roof ==LIMITED TIME ONLY==

Certain features are locked and can only be available through in-app purchase.
• Remote Key : remote control your Tesla
• Charge port : set the charge limit
• Air Condition : set AC level
• Unlock all : gives you access to all locked panels as well as any future panels that will be added to the app

IMPORTANT Privacy notice: This app only communicates directly to your car manufacturer's servers when sending login credentials and commands. No identifying information is stored by our company.

Disclaimer: This software and documentation do not come from nor is endorsed by Tesla Motors Inc. Use this app at your own risk. The author does not guarantee its proper functioning. This app attempts to use the same interfaces used by the official Tesla App(s). However, you are responsible for any changes to your car caused by using this app. Use of this app can change the settings on your car and we not liable for any damages to you or your car in conjunction with the use of this app.


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