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Keefy v Dinosaur, is a game created to portray the courage and love, any young ones need to battle all adversities in life. In this game, Little Keefy , takes on a dangerous journey to battle the Angry Dinosaurs with only one goal in mind, to rescue his Princess. Now Little Keefy cannot battle alone, he really needs you to help him fight together as one united brave-heart, battling against all odds to save his only love.

Little Keefy needs to travel to the Angry Dinosaur Island to rescue his princess, held hostage in the Castle Dinosaur. In this battle game, Little Keefy will be equipped with his favorite biscuits 'Pillow Puffs' as shooting bullets to take down every Angry Dinosaur who stands in his way, and will consume his energy Candyfloss to re-spawn at any place in the battle when he is hurt. There are 3 stages to reach Castle Dinosaur, and all stages are battled differently.

Can Little Keefy finally save his Princess? The courage and bravery lies in your hands. That's the Keefy's spirit. Part 2 of Little Keefy's adventures all depends on every kind support Little Keefy receives from every Keefinians out there. Little Keefy welcomes you to to visit our little family.


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