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Kaleidoscope Pixel Art color by number game with tons of pixel art mandala patterns, from colorful and complex ones to easy with the small number of colors. Daily updates and new categories every week. Our app is unique because everything is for free and you don’t need to pay expensive subscriptions to access all content.
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Games Free Ivanna Chuba iPhone, iPad, iPod

Our pixel mandala coloring app offers you a lot of features: color boxes by numbers in the palette; choose coloring settings up to your preferences; import photos from your camera roll or library for endless coloring experience; share the video of your progress with a friend and much more!

In addition to a huge collection of puzzles, you will get new images in each category every day. Feel free to contact us in case of any questions or suggestions; we are glad to help you anytime!


Goddess Shelle

I never write reviews but I just got this app & im working on my first picture. The first thing I want to say is how INCREDIBLY grateful I am to Ivanna for making this app FREE!! I’m one of those unusual people who can’t afford to pay a ridiculous subscription fee every month and I’m so so happy there are no fees!! The images are gorgeous and challenging and such fun to color. The sliding feature doesn’t have that awful magnifier that some apps have which just throws me off. I’m in love!! My favorite new app. Hands down!!


Downloading is all i see

“Downloading” for hours

“Puzzles” tab says downloading but it’s been hours and still says the same. You can only upload your own photos in black and white which I rep defeats the whole purpose of the app. Maybe once it actually works it will have a better review.

Not working

It won’t download


It’s not working properly


Beautiful pictures


Downloading is all I see also????? I would rate it if it would load up! PenRon


I wasn’t expecting the mandalas to be so fuzzy and some of them are not what I call mandalas

erases progress

I love color by numbers apps. and im a college student so i can’t afford to pay a subscription every month for something that easily relaxes me. i love the pictures, i love the colors. my only problem is i can get halfway through a picture and when i go back to finish it later in the day, it has erased my progress. and i don’t want to sit there and make myself color a whole picture in one sitting just to have he satisfaction of it being done..


This is the best color by number game I’ve played thus far