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Just Find it Lite (Spot the difference)

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Games Free Blueonionsoft, Corp. iPhone, iPad, iPod

- NEW 200 photos with random differences.
- Universal app for iPhone and iPad.
- Global Ranking with OpenFeint.

√ "BEST" Award by iPhoneAppsPlus.com
 APPLE'S CHOICE! "WHAT'S HOT" in August/September
#1 Top Free App in Korea in December
#1 Top Free Game in Hong Kong in December
Comparison of Photo Count (with Competitors)
Just Find it: ★300 (Lite: ★90) -- WOW!
Spo- the dif--------: 50 (Free: 20)
Pho-- Spo-: 127 (Lite: 20)
Fin- it: 105 (Lite: 6)
Meg------ Pho-- Hun-: 150 (Lite: 25)

Everyone in your family can find it! You are presented two images almost identical but at most 4 different spots. If you find all the differences in each stage before the countdown timer runs out, the remained time will be added to your score. Be careful! Wrong spot means time penalty! But you will be relieved to know that some unused item is left!

It's not an irritating vision test like other games. Just concentrate on it and believe your intuition, you can't miss it.

People who already bought JustFindit says ...
 I like the interface and style a lot, it looks like one is showing the differences by drawing with a grease pencil. - lv*******
 I've played a number of games similar to this one, and this is one of the better in the lot - Dr*****
 Difficutly settings are a welcome diversion from the norm in where you can choose from how many differences there will be in picture - Ma****
 My whole family likes this game - ap*****
 Has great depth and good controls!! - Ni*******

 90 magnificent photos (Full version : 300 photos) from all around the world. (New York, San Francisco, France, Italy, Greece, Australia, Japan, Asia, etc)
 15 random pairs (Full version : 50 random pairs) of almost identical pictures for each level.
 2, 3 and 4 differences in easy, medium and hard level, repectively.
 Pause the game and resume anytime
 2 timer refill items and 2 hint items for each stage


Haha Im first

This is a cool game I enjoy it

simple game

simple and funny game for young and old


If I could give it more stars, I would!!! It is a "breath of fresh air" to find an app, a free app to boot, that is not only challenging, but also adds new pics to "spot the diff"!! Major KUDOS to the people who made this wonderfully addicting game, and who had the balls to add things to a "free" game!! As my son says, YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!

Grace is me

Try to beat my scores peoples:) Fun game Play it

Very fun!!

Challenging, cool game!!!

Love it!!!
iPod apps

This is a great game. I have nothing bad to say about it


I love this game!!! It is super addicting! I'm going to play it again!


It is so fun I even have the hi score mine is neatestE yaaaaaaay it is so fuuuuuuuuuuuun


Try to beat my scoreeee haha



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