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Jiggle! - Shake your phone to exchange numbers

Jiggle does ONE thing - it helps you exchange numbers with someone around you...
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- You just shared a moment with the girl at the next table, but both of you too shy to get up and meet up because she's sitting with friends? Just JIGGLE!

- Or you're in a spot of trouble, and that kind stranger can see but not hear you. If you have his number you can message him, just JIGGLE!!

If both of you shake your phones about the same time, Jiggle prompts you to exchange numbers, and if you 'Accept', boom, Bob's your uncle! Go ahead, just Jiggle!



pretty cool concept, but it could be better, especially the graphic content.

Enjoy this app

It's very useful. I can reject call, share a moment with the girl at the next table. It's a free and easy to use tool that use accelerometer of your phone. I will share my friends and i hope they like this app.

Nice app

it is very unique. i love this app!

Jiggle is cool

Joggle prompts you to excange nambers and If you acept

Good app
Cao Thanh Tu

I like it. This is good app. I will play in morning. Thank you very much.

good choice

A friend suggested to me to use this application and I enjoyed it. Very good system and very nice graphics. 5 stars

I like this app

This app is very easy to use and has designed simple interface. You should try it.

?? enjoy this app

This application is quite interesting, it helps me to exchange phone numbers more easily with those around me, or are both shaking the phone is able to make friends and have a phone number! It is interesting

Love app

Good, a perfect app to share your phone number to someone, to share the most beautiful moments, thank developers.

Very good!!

Best app for me, My latest app, share nice moments, exchanging phone numbers by shaking the phone about the same time, jiggle, it helps me to have a phone number to talk daily. Thanks