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Stuck in line? Need a break at work? Kids need something to play with? Well... why not jiggle some balls? Jiggle Balls is a "visualization" that will help you pass the time away!
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Entertainment Free Doug Davies iPhone, iPad, iPod

Simply tap on the screen to add new balls. Watch them as they fall "realistically" to the ground. Rotate your device and they'll tumble around the screen. Flick the balls and watch 'em fly! And how about those bongo bouncing noises when they hit the side walls?

Jiggle Balls uses a revolutionary physics engine to simulate real world forces. You'll be amazed at how much fun it is to see how the balls react to your movements. In fact, put it on your center console in your car or take it with you on the train, subway, or schoolbus and watch the balls slam forward as you brake and then slide backwards as you accelerate. Try it around the corners too... but keep your eyes on the road!

Jiggle Balls allows you to change many of the visuals. You can try different colored balls or try different gravity schemes. Watch how the balls would respond if you were in space with no gravity. Or how about EXTREME gravity? SQUASH!

And now you can try different weights on the balls, choose your own background from your photo album, and set the bounciness!

Jiggle Balls will keep you and your kids entertained for hours. And if your boss walks in on you and you are "jiggling" balls, tell him to visit the App Store and try it himself!

New features being added all the time!

Watch the video at www.funkyvisions.com.


- We were in a long line with my kids today and Jiggle Balls kept my 3 year old entertained until the line was over!

- It's always the simple things that are the best. Great job lads.

- This app is neat! I used it to help my science class learn about atoms.



Looks stupid but entertained me for dayss .. ..... Needs to be able to add more balls


I am so glad that I was able to get this free via the lite version.

this app wastes your battery

my ipod touch was full charge now its 2/3 battery waste and i only play it for 3 minutes but this game is fun


We need to add unlimited balls!

I would give it ***** if...

I would give it 5 stars if at the top of the iPod/iPhone there was an optional "opening" so if you turned it upside down or on it's side the balls would "roll out" (dissapear).

Please consider

There should be a ragdoll guy you can put in the balls


I liked this game way before the first update even came into sight... before everything was 3D. Honestly, I hate it and I took it off of my iPod. Thanks for the app though.

Great game

I luv this game! It's great that u can really experiment w/ the balls

great app to use if your bored
XxMidnight SunxX

i thought it would be great when i bought it and it was but after a while it got kindy boring its a good app to use if you have a dollar to spare .

Wrong category?
Pae Sang Chol

Shouldn't it be in the entertainment section in the app store? There is no scores or storyline so it should be an entertainment app. Either way, I still had a bit of fun. 

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