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Japanese Chef: Sushi Maker - Free!

Hey kids! Isn’t making your own food awesome? You get to make your own yummy creations, just the way you like them! Mixing and matching ingredients and cooking for yourself can be so much fun! Especially when you get to make your own homemade sushi! You don’t have to be an expert Japanese sushi chef to make awesome creations…with Sushi Maker, anyone can make the homemade sushi of their dreams!
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First, you take your favorite ingredients like fish, shrimp and vegetables and mix them up with delicious white rice! Mmm…sounds tasty, doesn’t it? It gets better! Just think of all the cool combinations you can make for your friends and family! Make your sushi creations just how you like them in the game, and then try out your recipes in the real world…pretty cool, eh? The possibilities for deliciousness are endless! Play Sushi Maker, and learn how creative, fun and cool cooking can be!


- Become an expert sushi chef!

- Mix and match ingredients to create awesome combos!

- Show off your sushi to friends and family!


- Select your favorite ingredients!

- Mix them with rice to create delicious sushi!

- Tons of options means hours of fun!

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cooking game great

food delivery gamesaddicted!kitchen stories cooking apps

Love game
Love dog and cat098

I love this game new favorite game


I ❤️ this game. It is so much fun.

Rf btcdgtd



The game is ok, its simple and not too creative.

I like it
Crossy diary

I would give it more but it's just the same thing over and over and over again it's kinda nerve racking and my mom won't let me buy the stuff so yes but other then that it's super fun

a correction has to be made

I'm sorry. This is a well made game but the one where you put the rice and veggies and all that stuff and roll up, that's kimbap and not a sushi roll and it's not Japanese, either thus should be removed from the game.

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