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In this amazing game you will need to defend the Castle/Village of Milioeka by adding towers that will shoot directly at your enemies. In order to buy ammunition you will need to earn gold so you can attack the enemies.

Make sure you give what it takes to defend your zombie village! It sounds easy, but its not! Are you up to the challenge?

✓ Over 90 levels in 6 different scenarios.
✓ Six different towers to choose from
✓ 35 different characters
✓ Medieval design by Danielo Lipelle.

In order to get access to the next scenario you will need to finish each one. Score will not get registered until you finish an scenario. You will also have the choice of sending your score to the Game Center from the "score" view. Now you are not only competing against yourself, but against the world!
What are you waiting for; the village needs your help!

If you need assistance please contact us [email protected]
We will be adding additional apps soon!



Basic tower defense game seems to crash a lot for me couldn't get past l1 without a crash

Waste of time and money

Fun game when it actually works. It crashed on me 11 times in the first 15 minutes that I played it. To make matters worse, I paid 10 dollars for a bunch of gold that was erased when it crashed again. Complete was of time and money. Do not bother downloading this game until a fix comes out for the constant crashing problem!


The game is fun when it doesnt crash but it wont let me past the first map! I hope that the problems are fixed soon.

First level free, not the rest

I've been able to beat the first level on easy through hard, but refuse to pay $0.99 for each level beyond that. Otherwise a pretty basic but not bad TD game. Art and sound are extremely basic, so don't go in expecting the usual.


The problem with a lot of these is they keep glitching out and asking for money to "access the next level early" regardless of how many times you beat the last one. If this is intended I apologize for assuming its a mistake but I instead say your a clown for expecting money every level.

Not free
Bo red

Not paying a dollar per level. Deleting game.


The game is glitchy, crashes constantly and is full of spelling errors.

iZombie tower protection
KYTT 166

If this thing freezes up on everyone like it is me. Why is it still for sale? Fix it or get rid of it.