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Do you want your own time machine? Do you want to travel through the fabric of space time? Most importantly, do you want to see what the next lottery ticket numbers will be?

With iTimeWarp you can travel into the future or go back in time, you choose your own destiny!
Go back in time and fix your regrets in life, ace that exam, fix the problems in your relationships before it was too late, meet Thomas Jefferson and Julius Caesar, or ride on top of a dinosaur!
On the other hand, do you want to see who you will marry, what is going to happen to your great grand kids, when will hover boards be for sale, will the world run out of oil, or will swine flu finish off mankind?

iTimeWarp features:
- Graviton particles
- Hyperspace (mobile hyperdrive)
- Subspace layers / warp speed
- Cosmic strings
- Quantum foam
- Flux capacitors
- Black holes
- Inverse Time Relativity
- Speed of Light to Faster than light
- Interstellar travel / Intergalactic travel
- Stargates
- Go forward or back to the future

*** News Updated ***
According to our download records, it appears that iTimeWarp was downloaded in Malaysia on Saturday, March 8, 2014 at 12:37AM. This was minutes before Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 departed for Bejing. The plane might have traveled through a spacetime wormhole into another dimension and we are currently researching this theory.

Experience 4-D space like never before!

Albert Einstein once said, "Space-time does not claim existence in its own right, but only as a structural quality of the gravitational field."
This quote was the inspiration for iTimeWarp and led us on the quest to build the first ever time machine on a portal device!

* Warning - You cannot travel faster than warp space 10 (infinite velocity).
* Warning - When you travel with iTimeWarp, there is a chance you might never return to the current dimension.


Tired Of Shavings

Definitely my favorite app! As your lawyer, I highly recommend you have this one handy the next time you decide to "take a trip." If you have a history of Epilepsy, please consult your physician prior to traveling through time.

Worth the 99 cents, for sure

This game is fun. It will just make you laugh! Definitely worth a dollar! Its the BEST time machine game out there!

I paid for this?

I know this is "just for fun" but it is basically a crappy looking slide show. It shows some space photos, zooms them by real fast (which makes them blurry) and shows some "historic" photos then says you failed to time travel for some reason or another.


Its a really cool app to use with your friends. Here is a glitch, set the date as the current date and it goes for 2 seconds then crashes.

Needs Improvements
Beam me

Good graphics and sound, but the travel always fails. It would be nice to succeed once in a while, and then be able to do something when you get there. It could be first rate if you could see a short movie clip pertinent to the time period you traveled to.

Not too shabby! :]

Other than not succeeding in time warps- it's pretty goshdarn cool! :D

Ummmm....... ok?
Two D

What was the point of this app? alll it did was show a few gimmicks the fail. its gone so far as to even crash my ipood (thats right, ipood not ipod). the point im tryin to make is either make this app better or gimme my dollar back.

Stupid app!!!!!!!!!

This app is lame! :( why does it always say error? I hate it. Gimmie my buck back!


My iPod crashes every other time I get on and when I'm about to go to certain time a error always occurs.can someone tell me how to work this app?because it doesn't work and this is all it does I want my money back.NOT WORTH 99cents!!!

Just change a few things

Ok the sounds sound really lame and like from a lame 37 year old movie and the pictures that flash r really creepy take those out make the travel shorter and make it succesfull every time whats the point of a time machine if it never works

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