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Island Ark Survival Simulator

Escape from an Island like a real survival hero to struggle for your freedom. Survival land adventures begins with a hard time escape from lost Island along with lost survivors. Lead them all home!
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You'll have to look for food, find a shelter, collecting and crafting things necessary for life. Your only goal - to survive! You have to use all your sneaking & hunting skills to survive in island! Plan the Mission to escape from the dangerous Island to survive and return back home.


Looks cool but fails to deliver

The screenshots make this look like a great game with lots to do. Unfortunately after 30 minutes of playing, the actual game play is a bit lacking. No tutorial in free play and level play is just a run to a predetermined location with no real indication of which way to from the map/radar widget. In free play there is no indication of what you should/can do, no access to a menu or inventory I could figure out and apparently you have to stumble over resources to find them. Granted the only resources I could find were rabbits that I apparently used instantly for some undetermined action. The music is distracting as it appears to be elevator musack. Over all nice concept good graphics but lackluster game play.

Needs A lot Of Work

When I first loaded in I heard the MUSIC, It made me dizzy and it was distracting, so I hit play, this is why I gave u 2stars, I liked how I had the choice to be in a level or in free play. I felt disturbed when I could not be a Female. Then I collected things in free play, and I couldn’t craft! So I basically just sat collecting.. I could not even kill a bunny?! I didn’t like the level thing at all. Back to the Characters, You should be able to costamize it, like making the eyes blue and making the hair red! The graphics were ok! You should have a thirst meter. And u should also add buttons to pick things up, and not go into first person, I hated that.So over all there’s more but these are more of the bigger ones you should also be able to see predators and befriend some! But Anyways if ur looking for a more of a survival one I’d go to, ‘Ark Survival Evolved’.. Get back to me once u can fix for of this..

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