Select your hero and let's get started on a adventure!
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What are you waiting for! You hero awaits.

Simply select your hero and get started on a casual adventure to aid you in your time of need.

No need to invest huge amount of time and money to play this casual game. Simply swipe your screen up and down. Then your hero will rush and crush so easy in this world to make money at any given time. What are you waiting for?! Download now!

IMURHERO is a complete free to play app. However there are some in-game gold and items to help you reach to the top that will require payment.

By downloading the app, you must agree to our terms of service.


• Swipe up and down, those are all you need to know.
• Select, Collect your hero to fight for you.
• Our enemies are getting stronger and stronger.
• But you will be strong enough to destroy them.
• All things are in your hand.

Supported Languages:
- English
- German
- Korean
- Japanese
- Simplified Chinese
- Traditional Chinese


Very funny

Very funnnnny~!! I've been playing all day~!!!


This is very simple but not easy and not boring. I was download this aft. Im still doing this game. This game have something mysterious funny. Recommend various generation from little boy to the old man. Do it. Right now