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Download iMaxPain: Pro Options Max Pain Calculator and Tracker with Live Option Chain, Real Time Stock Quote and Chart, Watch-list Management

iMaxPain: Pro Options Max Pain Calculator and Tracker with Live Option Chain, Real Time Stock Quote and Chart, Watch-list Management

The ONLY dedicated app for calculating options max pain. Have you ever noticed that a stock sometimes closes pining at certain strike price on option expiration day? This is the theory of options Max(imum) Pain, that options sellers influence the stock price and make options buyers suffer most.
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Finance $14.99 Mobile Interactive LLC iPhone, iPad, iPod

iMaxPain is the only app that provides you the information of options Max Pain for all optionable stocks in US market. Data covers all available expiration dates, from weekly to leaps. All come with lightening fast Live Options Chain, Real Time Advanced Stock Quote (Pre & After market quotes included), Stock Chart with 40+ technical indicators, chart types, and date ranges, and Multiple Watch-list management. It supports iPad, iPhone, iPod, mini, etc.

iMaxPain uses a visualized way to present the maxpain in various chart styles. Users can check max pain of every US market stock (with options) for each expiration date. Navigating through different expiration dates is extremely easy by simply tapping the left or right arrow (to switch between expiration dates). The Max Pain strike is always highlighted with the total amount of money accumulated on that strike.

You can also save a number of query results into history for future review/comparison/sharing to your friends on facebook or twitter.

Real Time stock quotes and powerful Watch-list management are provided. You can create and manage unlimited watch-lists. The watch-lists allow to group contents into Charted Sector View and exhibit a LIST of fully customized Charts (Multi-Chart View)! Adjust the technical indicator, chart type, and date range for the Multi Chart View and the app will automatically remember your settings. Create, modify, rename, sort, and delete watch-lists within seconds. With one glance, not only can you get the whole picture like change, change %, bid, ask, bid size, ask size, OHLC, volume, company, etc, but also conveniently study sector information, distribution, & weighted chart and quickly access options max pain chart and stock chart from there. Watch-list is so convenient that your market watching and stock tracking become well organized and efficient.

■ Unlimited watchlist groups
■ Real Time Advanced quotes (change, change %, bid, ask, bid size, ask size, open, high, low, close, volume, company)
■ Pre and After market quotes
■ Auto Refresh Quotes
■ Stock Chart with 40+ Technical Indicator, Chart Type, & Date Range
■ Add multiple stock symbols at one time.
■ Watch-list symbols grouped into Sectors and Sectors with Chart.
■ Multi Chart View (up to 50 charts) of stocks.

■ Options maximum pain calculation
■ Visualized presentation in multiple chart style: mixed and stacked
■ Dynamic Options Chain
■ Options data are live (however, Max Pain and the OI information it based on are updated daily).
■ Weekly Options supported
■ Save chart to chart history and share with others through facebook/twitter or email.

■ Candle Stick
■ Based on close price
■ OHLC (open, high, low, close)
■ Based on typical price
■ Based on weighted close price
■ Based on median price

■ Accumulation/Distribution
■ Aroon Oscillator
■ Aroon Up/Down
■ Bollinger Band Width
■ Chaikin Money Flow / Oscillator / Volatility
■ Donchian Channel Width
■ Ease of Movement
■ Fast/Slow Stochastic
■ Momentum
■ Money Flow Index
■ Performance
■ % Price / Volume Oscillator
■ Price Volume Trend
■ RSI / StochRSI
■ Volume
■ Williams’s %R
■ and MANY MORE...

Support: [email protected].

We advise you to understand what Options Max Pain is before purchasing the app. The max pain is updated daily. Although we process options data in streaming in order to obtain the most updated max pain calculation as early possible, US stock market's open interest (on which the max pain is based) is only update daily.


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