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Ikinaki is a social network of beauty and health enthusiasts! Read product reviews from hundreds of shoppers and discover what's trending in the world of beauty and health. Share best buys, and recommend products to friends and network. Bought something and have an experience to share? Review it on Ikinaki and help others discover great products!
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Social Networking Free Flume Innovative Solutions Private Limited iPhone, iPad, iPod

With Ikinaki:

* Find highly-rated products, and discover new releases.
* Subscribe to savvy product reviewers and experts, and read their daily posts in your feed.
* Subscribe to friends to see what they are recommending.
* Read hundreds of honest reviews before the next shopping spree.
* Share your must-haves and go-to brands. Upload product pictures, ratings, and let your subscribers know where to find them.
* Share Ikinaki posts with your Facebook network.
* Discover trending products through Ikinaki's social network. Redeem mind-blowing offers.
* Earn exclusive offers and custom trial experiences from your favorite brands.


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