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The ice-cream seller has come to the neighborhood! He has kidnapped your friend and neighbor Mike and you've witnessed it all…
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He has frozen your best friend using some sort of superpower and has taken him somewhere with his van. Your friend is missing, and worse… What if there are more children like him?

This terrifying ice-cream seller's name is Rod, and he seems to be very friendly towards kids; however, he has an evil plan, and you need to find out where is it. All you know is that he takes them into the ice cream van, but you don't know where they go after that.

Your mission will be hiding inside his van and solving the mystery of this evil villain. To do this, you will travel through different scenarios and solve the necessary puzzles to save the frozen child.

What can you do in this game?

- Rod will listen to all your movements, but you can hide and deceive him, so he does not see you.
- Move to different scenarios with the van and discover all its secrets.
- Solve puzzles to rescue your neighbor from the clutches of this horrific enemy. Action is guaranteed!
- Play in ghost, normal and hard mode! Can you complete them all?
- Enjoy a horror game without bloody scenarios, suitable for all audiences!

If you want to enjoy an experience of fantasy, horror, and fun, play now "Ice Scream: Horror Neighbor". The action and the shouts are guaranteed.

It is recommended to play with headphones for a better experience.

Each update will bring new content, fixes, and improvements based on your comments.

This game contains ads.

Thanks for playing! =)


Best horror game

I love this app it is good and also how do you get the gold fish I saw thinknoodles do it I tried for a long time but still a great game I also love the thinknoodles Easter egg on the fridge.

Ice scream is the best game ever
download it!!!!!!!!

I love all your games I just want ice scream four to come out and make it have a forest and we unmask rod and he goes to the police

The ads crash the game.

Hello. I really love your games so much. I can not wait for the arrival of Evil Nun 2 and Ice Scream 4. But that could be perfect, if it weren’t for the ads. I was playing Ice Scream 3 and I got caught. It gave me an ad, froze the game, and then crashed. I would love for you to fix the ads in the game so they don’t become enabled when you get caught.

One question about Rod and his Dad.
Joe highway

I love the game ,but I have one question, why did rods dad die in a car accident and rod got hit by a subway and was only unconscious for 1 min. I’m not trying to be rude. I love ice scream games and getting rod hit by a subway and how his body rag dolls . so thanks for that and good luck with your other games 😸😸😸 and I always get the golden fish. My name is Cody and joe is my grandpa.

This game is the best!
Happy Mom Dale

I love this game please make ice scream4 please

Part 4??

Will there be a part 4?? It was sooooo good!!

Colin's Bæ 😘

I got pushed into the drivers seat by one of the kids and can’t get out. Is that a glitch or can I do something cool

I love this game !!!!!!!
comic Master πŸ“™

Soooooo can I give you some suggestions for some changes ? What if you could have maybe a short inventory? Overall it’s a great game five stars!!! Don’t listen to those haters out there keep up the good work!!

One small thing
Concerned Mother 95

The small green things in the store, to get the horse aren't showing up. Please fix it if you have the time but besides that it's an amazing game.

I want ice cream 4
the fan of ice scream 4

I hope you make a ice cream 4

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