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"iOS7 photo app can pixelate subjects in photos, which gives the look of 8bit digital subjects in the real world." PROSTHETIC KNOWLEDGE
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Photo & Video $2.99 J2WORK Co., Ltd. iPhone, iPad, iPod

"I PIXEL U can be used in a great variety of scenarios." AMUSEMENT
"I Pixel U Is The Next Transformation App Taking Over Your Instagram." SWAGGER NEW YORK
"A new photography app allows its users to capture their very own pixelated portraits, bringing the familiar 8-bit aesthetic very much into the real world." ANIMAL NEW YORK
"I Pixel U can have you looking like an NES hero in no time." HYPEBEAST
"Das sieht recht witzig aus und ist vor allem kinderleicht zu bedienen." TECH.DE
"À essayer pour les plus geeks d'entre vous!" CREAPILLS
"Quirky iPhone app takes pixel peeping into the real world." IMAGING RESOURCE

Change your pictures into amazing PIXEL ARTS!!!
It is a simple, so easy app!!! "Pixel in real world"

You can see more of the results here.

- Auto face detection from photos.
- Auto adjustment by types of your picture. No settings!
- Edit Mask to change the area you want to pixelate.

- Use real world backgrounds with pixelated person.
- Share your amazing PIXEL ARTS with all your friends.

Note: Please read this before using I PIXEL U

1. When you take pictures of people, please maintain a straight posture(the limbs and face), you can see better results. If not, you should edit the shape of mask to be included all of the pixelate area . We convert only one person at a time for the best results.

2. When you take pictures of things, please use a face guidelines, it will be used to determine the size of pixel. The green mark on the eyes is the position of each pixel. The size of pixel is determined by the size of face in the picture. You can change the size(position) of pixel only in the Auto Detect window.
(We are looking for a better guide for this. Please give us suggestions that you want to fix(change) in update.)

3. Please keep in leave a little of the background when you distinguish between the boundaries of the mask. It makes a better result.

4. It work well on iPhone 4 or later, but it will take a time to run. Because of processing power limitations, we recommend using iPhone 4s or later.

After opening the app, you simply choose between take a photo or pick a photo from gallery. After recognize the face automatically from photos, It shows up with the guidelines. If not, you can manually fix it. Please adjust the picture to accurately position the eye in the green cross mark. Next, check the mask of body guideline. And that's all. Watch the result that were pixelated. If you want to fix, please edit the mask shape.

* The product description in Japanese and Korean has been added to the site.



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Underwhelming at best.
Scott Jon Siegel

I paid for this app after seeing mentioned on Jason Kottke's website. Despite the example pictures, the app and its interface do a poor job of converting real peeps into believable pixels. Good results seem to mostly be a matter of luck. The interface is clunky and the "face detection" seems surprisingly poor at detecting faces. Buyer beware.

Needs work

Good start, but needs the ability to work with pictures that have already been taken. Could also use the ability to set brush sizes.

Needs more tools to be worth the purchase

Downloaded the app on a whim. It's a bit sparse in terms of content. You can take a photo in app or import from photos, then it uses an auto face detect to interpret what you want to pixelate. Using that it draws a general curve of what it'll pixelate then lets you use a brush to change the area of the mask, then it pixelates. Things I would want: easier method to change brush size, ability to change density of pixelation, ability to move the zoom in on picture without effecting the mask Pretty gimmicky for $3 but maybe I'll find more do with it if I play around with it some

A great app for pixelation!!!
DJ WonNy

This is one of the coolest apps you can find from App store. It's very simple way to change your normal pix to cool one, it has an auto (face) detection function, so you can simply click/adjust the part of picture you would like to pixelated! I like it!!! :)

The best I've seen!

Does just what is advertised. I've used it several times and every time it has created a great pixel art version of anything whether it's a portrait or a scenery picture it works great! The color palettes used are especially gorgeous. I really hope this app grows and continues to update because it is already so great!

Great app!

I really have a good time playing around with this app!!

Perfect app! ?

I'm an artist and sometimes I make pixel art. I use this sometimes to help me practice. Plus I love it in general! It's so much fun to take a family photo and pixelate it! Best app I have gotten in a while.

Do Not Buy
Rk designs

Waste of money. The point is to make it look cool, not unrecognizable! I think complete morons designed this app.

Pretty cool

Used it to make a profile picture. It works very well, and is lots of fun. Definitely recommend it! :D

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