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Become the Demon King and hunt some heroes!
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Games Free cocolo-bit Inc. iPhone, iPad, iPod

*How to play*
When you a monster in the dungeon, heroes will come to slay it.
Tap the heroes to defeat them and gain SP.
With more SP, you can get summon bigger monsters which will attract stronger heroes to drive away.


Wtb english

4 stars because I can't read anything, if it were in english it would be a 5 star game.

Great app

If this app had english it would be perfect, my only suggestion would be to add a "change language" button on the main screen.

astounding concept! although...

i was able to figure out what everything meant, but im unable to read the descriptions/names of the creatures and people, and that would make this game all the better! (english version please) hey guys! heres a small tutorial of the buttons ;) when you first start up the app, there are 4 buttons in the main menu. 1. the top button puts you into the actual game 2. the button under the top one puts you in the gamecenter menu! 3. the button under that are the instructions. can't tell much from them because theyre in chinese... 4. this button takes you to a list of the people who made this game's apps now once you go to the actual game, there are 5 buttons :o 1. top right: thats the twitter button 2. top left: puts you back in main menu 3. bottom left: to your monsters 4. bottom middle: to your buyable things 5. bottom right: list of people to kill when you enter your people list, that shows which enemies youve killed. the number on the right of each person is how many times youve killed it. to the left is how much sp it gives you. in your monster list, there is a picture of the monster, some chinese characters (letters), and a button. the button summons the monster if its colored. if not, you cant summon the monster. above the summon button is how much sp it takes to summon the monster. in your buyable things list, there are 3 things. the first thing increases how many people can be on the screen at the same time. the second thing increases the number of monsters you can summon at once. the third thing restores your monsters time to be alive. thats about it. hope this helps, and give this game the rating it deserves! ;D

Interesting Time Management Gane

You summon a monster. An adventurer shows up every 5-10 seconds. You tap on the adventurer to defeat them. Each adventurer is worth a certain amount of SP. You use SP to summon monsters or upgrade your dungeon. The stronger the monster to summon, the more SP they cost, the stronger the adventurers that appear. You can use SP to add another monster summoning circle or increase the max amount of adventurers to appear. Each monster summoned lasts a certain amount of time. In that time, adventurers will appear. If there is no monster summoned, no adventurers will appear. Simple game, strangely addictive. An english translation could net this company its very own angry birds, until then, it's destined to fade into obscurity.

No talky chinesey

Hey guys awesome fun just needs English counterpart

Cute Japanese game!

Too bad i can only read hiragana & katakana and not kanji though(‾˛‾")

I would settle for engrish translation

Fun addictive and so "JRPG"oodness



Needs to have initial language setup

Or have a english version. Time waiting game, so good every couple of minutes. Can't read it, but easy to use. Works great!


I really like it! It's fun and I am rather amused by how I'm killing heroes with monsters. I think the graphics and sounds work quite well with it!