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Horror House Escape Scary Game

Magnificent and creepy puzzle adventure quest game with original tasks to do and mini-games, where you should keep pizza delivery man from getting killed by a maniac... Horror game in the terrible and pleasant setting at the same time!
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- Hello, police? Our pizza man hasn't been in touch for a hours, please help!
- Okay, what's the address?
- All units, we've got a missing person at 13t Elm Street.
- Got it, I'm going to this house!

That's how your horror story begins, which will dip you into mysterious horror house with paintings of the mentally ill, unfriendly characters and original puzzles on logical thinking.

So, what you will get when you'll download this pretty adventure "Horror House Escape"?

- Adventure escape game in English language
- Horror house atmosphere with spooky stories
- Interesting characters who would hate to see you in this house of horror
- Excellent graphics and animation
- Fearful sound effects
- Plenty rooms and puzzles to solve
- Hints (clue) system, for those who can't
- Horror entities everywhere!

Can you play this game without any clue? Please, find objects carefully as they can be faded in the dark! And if you think that this game is just another one "room escape adventure" game where you should seek for a next door key, then you're quite wrong. In this game you have to solve interesting puzzles, brain teasers and tricky questions. To kill basement monster or cut through a wall - you don't even need no keys for that. Not everyone can escape this house of horror.

The game uses paintings written by real mentally ill people during an acute illness. So you have the opportunity to feel the pain and fear of a person in a changed consciousness.

In general, for all fans of genres: horror, scream house, adventures, quests and other creepy games, where you should escape house. If you've liked our game "Horror House Escape" please rate it in Appstore.

This horrible house hidden objects for kids and adults. If you like puzzle quests and finding objects games then play in this atmosphere of goosebumps night of scares!

By the way:
- Absolutely free to download
- You can play offline without internet



I love these type of apps/games and I would probably enjoy this one too...unfortunately, the back button to go back to previous rooms does not work. It works for the first 2 scenes but once your in the house...it just stops functioning! I even closed out of the game and went back in and it didn’t work. I started a new game and same thing happened. If this issue is resolved I would give it another chance...but, as of right now, that issue makes me no longer attempt to play the game.

Ariel Blount

I have a few complaints. I love the game, I really do, and the visuals are good. However, I keep getting frozen in a few rooms. The button to go back just... doesn’t work sometimes, so I can’t continue with the game. It happens randomly, and it’s starting to ruin the game for me.

Controls don't work reliably

The back button only occasionally works, which makes the game unplayable. Too bad because it seems to have potential.

Not worth it

After 5 minutes I deleted. Inventory doesn’t want to work and hints are useless.


Hey My Name Is Aisha Baker and How don’t know how to get this guy who looks like a Crazy Monkey man and how do I need to do to him

Ads every 5 seconds, seriously??

You literally start the game, and then it randomly switches to a playing that you cannot skip. I had to watch 3 ads within the first two minutes of gameplay. I’d give it zero stars if I could. Instantly deleted this game and developer is on my blacklist.


It’s a great game, nice graphics, good plot but they force too many ads on you and it takes away from the flow. I myself am not going to finish the game and I’ll delete it after posting this. Don’t let my post spoil your fun with this. Maybe you have patience.

Doesn’t work

Impossible to get past first “room.” Watched ad for a hint, but the item still didn’t work. Clicked all over the screen and nothing happens. Playing on an iPhone 7 is difficult to see without being able to zoom in. Deleted the app.

Very Disappointing

Aside from NOT being very intuitive, I was very disappointed in this game. Puzzle objectives are not clear. Hints are required just to figure out what the objective actually it. There is a bug in the program. I cannot get past the partially opened door on the second floor. The Hint points to the door and the key (in my inventory) is “pulsing”. That said, I can’t go through the door. I have uninstalled the app and moved on.

Fun game

Really enjoying this game