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《Holy War -Saber》is most popular mobile game in 2016,this game is based on the fifth Holy Grail War,seven masters summon seven servants to fight for Holy Grail.
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Games Free ZIJIE HUANG iPhone, iPad, iPod

A knight uses sword,be used as a trump by Master,so all the sabers are have the most powerful battle rating.

Use spear as weapon,have high attack power but low HP,when you have to fight to him,kill lancer first!

as famous as long-range attack,always have an aoe skill attack talent.

Unknow talent servant.

A tank hero,need to be set in the front of team.

higher speed,attack faster,want to make sure defeat your enemy,an assassin can help you.

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I got have no master!

This game is just awful. Basically zero game play, and the worst translation I have ever seen.



Sweet (clumsy) adaptation but..

After playing a few hours and falling asleep, it won't let me access my progress. Linked to fb, it force quits whenever I try to login - this keeps me replaying the tutorial perpetually. I wish I could play.

Has potential

As the title say the game has potential but as of right now it has a lot to fix. Which of course is expected since the game just launched but the first thing that needs to be fixed is the translation. It is so bad right now I have a hard time understanding or getting immersed at all.


the fact that I'm taken time out my day to write a review , to tell you guys that this is the worst game ever:(

Needs a little work

It's a great game don't get me wrong , but it has a slow start at the beginning, the English translation needs work , and a few bugs but overall it's an awesome game

Log in problems
Naki Was Here

... Wont let me log in

Poorly Made

It's pretty awful. The game pretty much plays itself, and the translation and grammar are HORRIBLE.

Needs a little work

This is the best fate game on iOS, it actually shows the phantasms, has all of the characters from other dates like apocrapha and twisted night

Not sure what's up

The game is really fun and I enjoy it a lot, however every time I press login it crashes. I have to go in, log in and let the game crash about 2-4 times before it will eventually let me play the game. I don't know if it's my iPhone or the actual game. It doesn't do this for other apps. If it's the game please fix.