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2/5 rating based on 26 reviews. Read all reviews for Hologram Dinosaur 3D Simulator for iPhone.
Hologram Dinosaur 3D Simulator is free iOS app published by Denis Ivanov


Toxic babes

Ethan though it doesn't come out you can still be cool



Is game is trash and a waste of time! Don't GET THIS APP!



This game is stupid stupid stupid

Why even

I'm a rater not really

This game asks u do u want to allow camera. How can we even use camera on the app when all u can show is Dino's! So game. Why even



If there was a zero stars option I would put that. This game is is the worst. Why even ask to use your camera if it doesn't work. Don't waste your time and storage with this monstrosity.

Piece of sh*t

Gh bro

Sooooooo stupid