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Hipstercade is a game about the great questions of life - mainly related to patience. Experience the meaningless cycle of the hectic modern life: act and repeat. Get inspired by great minds. Unlock hidden hipster treats.
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Games Free Jonatan Yde iPhone, iPad, iPod

Hipstercade is so hip you probably never heard of it! The game is a must for every aspiring hipster - the really true hipsters have of course known about it or even played it long before it it has found it's niche on App Store.

Hipstercade features original retro themes from the golden era of 8-bit gaming served with the appropriate sarcasm and irony. The game requires both patience, a steady hand, quick wit and a thorough understanding of the Hipster mind in order to beat the game.

Sound effects and music by Mikkel Lodahl (@TheLodahl)

Graphics and inspiration by Wil Wheaton (@WilW)

- Fully game center integration
- Crisp pixelated graphics os the 80's
- Ironic sounds
- Quotes by great hipsters
- Unique levels
- Compete with fellow hipsters through the Game Center integrated scoreboard
- Uncover true hipster achievements


Awesome retro for small children!!

So simple and so funny! My kids love the sound effects they hear a funny mans voice and I hear a drunken sleep deprived college kid that writes too much code lol! They love playing and I like them playing the retro arcade graphics.

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