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Games $0.99 Duksel Corp. iPhone, iPad, iPod

Clean the field from all halloween-blocks.

You should find pairs by two blocks with same color or picture. The blocks should be placed on the same level horizontally or vertically and between them should not be the other blocks.

There is 4 kind of gameplays inside:
- One by One (64 unique levels)
- Die Hard (most hardest and most interested gameplay)
- Easy Fly (just to relax)
- Insatiable (do it as fast as you can!)

For each gameplay available special gameplay rules! Read about rules inside each gameplay (click on [?] button in bottom right corner)

Try "Halloween Seeds"!

Every level has solution. If you cannot complete level - try to do this in another way ;-)
Any suggestions/recommendations you can send to [email protected]


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