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A Game designed purely for Elders and kids.A pure Online and Offline game.
If you want some inspirational quotes from Bible then this is the game you must be looking for.
It is not only a quiz game but it is like a stepping stone to explore the world of bible.
Here you will Learn More when you play,this is complete Bible in depth.
It has the collection of unique questions from 66 books with very different styles all containing the message God desired us to have.
Know more about the people and events that took place in the bible: Jesus Christ,Noah,Moses,David many and many more.
Know what, when, why and how happened in Bible.
We have different levels to test your wisdom.
Know how far you can answer the questions.

How to Play:

We have different sections in this game.
1. Play: The play will take you directly to the game play. here the difficulty level will be mixed like easy,medium and hard.
2. Saviour: This is the first category in our category list. This has some of the easy Questions which you may be able to answer fast.
3. Mediator: This is the second category in our category list. This has the medium difficulty levels of questions.Think wise.
4. Deliverer: This is consider as the difficult category where the questions may be tricky so think thrice before answering.

Apart from the list of the Category. we have added some of the best inspirational quotes from the Bible for you. After Every Game Over you get a chance
to read these inspirational quotes. isn’t that awesome!

What if you can not answer the question?

We have added a help button for you.
This Help Button has some features like:
1.Jump Level : The jump Level button will skip or jump the current questions. Only use when you can’t answer the question.
2.Reveal a Letter: This feature will help you when you need an hint. It will reveal a letter for you.
3.Remove Letters: This feature will remove the letters from the letter stack. so as you get the letters to answer your question.

Most important thing you must notice is that the questions are not authenticated by any church. We are followers like you. So if you find any questions that you believe have a wrong answer,please be free to message us and we will try to solve it in next updates.
Apart from that if you have any suggestions, please be free to mail us. click on rate us button and click on feedback mail.

Thank You, Enjoy Playing. May lord fulfil all your dreams. God bless you.



These type 66 books in the world,good collection ,many question in this pray app. Thanx for sharing.

Nice game

Very interesting game. This one is for all ages people. Great one. Thanks much for sharing this. ?

Great app

This is very useful app good graphics this is on my favorite app i love using this app

Hassan R. Fuller

Great devotional puzzle game, UI is good and addictive. Sounds are nice.

Nice apps holy bible
Elyse Healy

Really nice Christian holy bible quiz apps you can improve your mind.easy to use.nice graphics thanks

Great app
Nilda L. Kim

I downloaded the app and using for two hours straight, Looks good no bugs so far and I don't plan on spending a dime. If it get to be the way later I'll delete download something else.

Awesome Game

I like to play this game very much it have good graphics, to play is easy and interesting. music is really good ? I recommend it, very fun!

Aimee Scarlet

Excellent app! Appreciating work done by developers, keep doing great work ??????

Great App

This is very useful app good graphics this is on my favorite app i love using this app. Thanx for sharing.


Collection of unique question from 66 books, know more about the people and events?????‍♂️?‍♂️