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Gypsy Temping has created a simple, easy to use, organizational Application for the business of dental temping. This is achieved with the following features:
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• Business Card: This application allows you to create and share a business card with the click of a button.

• Share & Store Documents: Keep track of your current resume, CPR, and other important documents needed when working in more than one dental office. Within this section of the Application you can upload from a picture on your phone or directly from stored documents. When you need to share these documents, select one or more of your documents and send via email or text directly from your phone.

• Share your Availability to Work: With the Gypsy Temping App you can share with temping agencies or directly with offices that you have an existing work relationship with. This feature will send a calendar view of the month with highlighted days to show your availability.

• Work Calendar: By adding Contacts on the Gypsy App you will streamline the process of temping. The Work Calendar allows you to see a summary of scheduled work at a glance. By touching the information on the Work Calendar, you can get directions to the office, make a call or send an email. Utilizing this portion of the application updates your availability and pay alerts.

• Pay Period Tracking: The Gypsy Temping App will provide you a system to never miss a pay period! This application will notify you when an office gets paid following your scheduled work date. You are then able to confirm payment or add an amount to help you keep track of money made. If you have not been paid, the application keeps an organized list for you to revisit at your convenience.

• EXTRAS: The Gypsy Temping App has created a Contact section designed for dental professionals. The Contact section includes: the practice and dentist’s name, primary office contact, address, email, fax, and phone number. A notes section has been added to help keep track of office details for the next time you work. The Contact section allows users to store payment details including pay rate and frequency, along with day specific office hours. In addition, the Gypsy Calendar creates a work history, this will simplify your end of year calculations.

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