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Guildwork is free iOS app published by Stanislav Vishnevskiy

Still crashing at launch


Had high hopes, but currently broken

Needs more Guildwork functionality


Great start for an app from an amazing guild community site. Can't wait for future updates and features like built in support to view your guild's roster, forums, wall feed, event calendar, loot drops, photos, and access to built in voice chat like the open sourced Mumble app.

Works good for me


Haven't had any issues so far. Just remember to link your lodestone profile to guildwork and you are good to go.

Functional app


I wish there were a bit more options to utilize but it works. I like being able to communicate to my guild members when I am not in game.

Gaven Bylander Approved

The Perkins Family

Love what Stan has brought to the community! Good job bro!

Buggy piece of junk


The app constantly crashes whenever I receive messages and nothing has been done about it for months upon months.

Chat App


The only thing you can do is chat.

Could use work

Master Malichi

As is this app is pretty cool. But it could use some work. It crashes upon receipt of messages especially as I am composing my next message. Explanation of some of its features would be nice. The remote chat half of the app I have tried to use but can't seem to get it to work. The crash bug it has doesn't make it unusable but it does make it frustrating.

Crappy app, practically abandoned.


It's a crappy app. It's nice for what does when it actually does it and isn't crashing from anything and everything, but that's it. The app is worse than the original program which is also poorly made with no support whatsoever while it's riddled with problems, but it gets the job done at a very, very base level. It allows you to IM people on your guildwork friends list and communicate with them from your mobile to the game in the form of a tell, but that's it.

Duty Finder notification fails, no support for paying customers


I subscribed to the Guildwork service and downloaded the app for the sole purpose of using the remote notification and confirmation of Duty Finder queue pops within FFXIV, but that feature does not work. Other notifications and chat work, but the only feature that matters does not. The support link on the Guildwork website directs to a zendesk support page that is closed.