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Guardian Soul : Legion

Thrilling adventure and fantasy RPG played in over 230 countries!
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Games Free MOBIRIX iPhone, iPad, iPod

Unleash the sealed Guardians and clash against the demons to save the world!
Collect! Grow! Awesome MMORPG Scale!

Intuitive and unrestricted RTS game control! Tap & Drag!
Create your very own character combination and strategy!
5 Mid Laners? 5 Ranged Dealers? 5 Tanks? Create your unique team and break through each stage!
Take strategic advantage of character Synergy System!

Your Guardian will soon reach the Max Lv. while experiencing countless strategy and exciting challenges!

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[Game Features]

- Move, attack, and heal like never before!
It's as if you are the 6th Guardian and are directly in the battle.

- Collect! Grow! Massive Character Card System.
Diverse Hero Growth System: Evolution, Star Grade, Mastery, Skill, Synergy, Upgrade, and Skin.

- Endless Dungeons, Stages, and Raids
Immense game world with 12 Chapter Story Mode and 10 Sub-contents.

- Real-Time PvP
Real-time network battles through 5 Player Co-op Boss Raid and 1:1 PvP Line Battle.

- Radically New Guild Battle with Looting System
Play the bi-weekly Guild Battle and loot other guild's high grade resources and claim the World's Best Guild title!



Fun game

The game is fun, but you’ll hit a wall at chapter 9, 10, or 11. It’s really hard to power up your team because at that point everything basically becomes scarce and at the same time getting stronger requires a lot of material. There is no balance between the scarcity of what you get and the amount of what you need to become stronger, that right there killed the game for me. This type of game will probably give you enjoyment for, at most, 2 weeks. So, I strongly recommend not to pay for anything because even paying won’t help you so much unless you spend like $50, which for this game, is not worth it.

Fun to play with no headaches

Finally a fun and easy to learn game. Everything is straight forward. No getting lost when trying to figure out how to upgrade your characters and equipment. Also this game is addictive. Great work.

Guardian souls

Awesome fun for the whole family

Fun game
nvt phu

It is a great game ro play




Really cool game.

So Far A Fun Game ☀️

?Enjoyable game thus far. Really enjoying the Characters & learning how to play. Got freaked out@first due to Maintenance shutting game down for a little over 3 Hours without prior notice during ArchMage Eries’ Tutorial. Concerned there would be issues with GamePlay after returning. Fortunately, the interrupted Tutorials eventually repeated, as well as some previously completed ones, Tasks, and Rewards gained. The repeat outcomes were different, so some earnings and items were less than before, and a few not received. The real disappointment was not receiving an Apology Compensation in Mail from Game Developer for the inconvenience. Other than the lack of Professionalism, am still looking forward to what Adventures lay ahead.?



No updates... game dying

I’ve played now for a while, even paying for diamonds every month to grow! But from the view point of long playing players, there’s not been any updates ( when is the ice tower coming!!) or new characters for a long time! Game is dying! Why???

Ex man

The yesterday's the game working very fine and never crashes...but when the new update that comes begins with crashes and never played the game it doesn't working now! On ipad2