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You cleave your way through the Monster Hordes, a Hungering Axe in your left hand and a Grim Blade in your right...and about a dozen assorted Swords, Maces, Hammers, Crossbows, and Staves in your backpack. You know. Just in case you need them! An Ash Demon falls before you, then a Cyclops and a Stone Golem. Finally you face a hulking Mighty Revenant - the battle is great, but the spoils are greater: a Divine Gleaming Slicer is now yours.  As you swap it out with your Grim Blade, you get a message in your head, almost as if from another says:
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Games Free TopCog LLC iPhone, iPad, iPod

***+50% ATTACK UP - Welcome, to Grim RPG!***

• Collect over 100 different weapons as you battle your way through endless waves of monsters!
• Discover unique Items such as the Stone of Dreams, Executioner's Helm, and Squirrel of Repulsion
• Explore item interactions: what happens if you put your Button Presser next to your Potion of Stamina?
• Strategically equip your weapon to maximize your DPS output!
• Alter the World to expand your capabilities and gain powerful Arcane Items!
• Find Crafting Recipes to create special Items!
• Grim RPG is an incremental game, which means that you will be constantly improving your character and progressing through the game's content!


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