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Get ready for even more and more happiness as Goat Doll is back!
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Games Free Kai Reun Leow iPhone, iPad, iPod

Goat Doll is the latest in adventure goat with craziness simulation, bringing strange goat hero to a new future generation battle for you. This world is endless and you will never ever be getting bored. You can survive in the Goat Doll wild in goat survival simulator mode.

Play this latest strange new hero adventure game and prove that you are the best future runner for battle enemy. Goat Doll is a simple goat game simulator mode with one touch but easy to master!

Download free Goat Doll for free, start and build your journey and grow your skills!

- Unique gameplay.
- Adventure survival mode with high speed time enclosed!
- You can master a white goat.
- 100% for free and download.

Play this awesome adventure anywhere and anytime!


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