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Go Ahead Full

This game is simple, you need to let the role named Mr Go travel every corner of the map! It would be easy for Mr Go, but the floor is so slippery that he always slide till the end of the path. As if that wasn't enough, you can't cross an already painted floor. Ok, so the simple task isn't that simple! Mr.Go will need your help to solve all those puzzles!
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Games Free Huntergame Interactive Technology Co.,Ltd iPhone, iPad, iPod

Main Features:
- Challenge 85+ levels.
- Choose the character you like most.
- Make your own levels.
- Share your victory and challenge your friends.

From the creators of Huntergame Interactive Technology Co.,Ltd.

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wTaylor Jenny

Wonderful game I like to play daily for a few minutes when I need to shift or pause from a task!

Super Fun Game
15Wayne Belloc

So fun it gives my brain cramps!!!!

I like the game
zWayne Belloc

Fun and encouraging

74Wayne Belloc

Awesome app so much fun and so addicting.

So much fun
93Wayne Belloc

I am not one to get hooked on games, but I really enjoy this game. Totally lose track of time by challenging myself to beat my highest level!

Wayne Belloco

The game is really addicting and fun!

Great game
Wayne Belloc67

Keeps you frustrated and playing for hours

most addicting game ever!
Wayne Belloc

I love this game! It never seems to bore me. What would i do without this game

Great Game
19Wayne Belloc

Great game!! Very fun and addictive!!

I’m new to this game
Nora Will39

I just downloaded this app yesterday and I’m already. It’s a great puzzle for my memory so I’m sure it will be great.