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Studying for the GMAT doesn’t require volumes of books or expensive classes. With Prep4GMAT,
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achieve a great score by learning essential GMAT concepts, practicing GMAT questions, taking

realistic practice tests, reviewing flashcards, and receiving detailed score analysis. Best of all, access

these features and study on your own schedule with an app you can take anywhere and use anytime.

-Learn essential GMAT concepts quickly with bite-sized lessons.

-Practice 1,000s of Verbal and Quantitative GMAT questions with detailed answer explanations

-Study 100s of flashcards and bookmark the ones you need to review more.

-Follow an intuitive study guide or choose the exact Verbal or Quant question types to study.

-Learn to recognize common GMAT question traps and patterns.

-Target your test weaknesses and improve your GMAT score with the help of robust analytics.

-See how prepared you are with your estimated GMAT score.

-Get help from an expert tutor whenever needed.

-Take customizable practice tests.

-Study on your own schedule and sync the app across all your mobile devices.

-Completely FREE for a limited time.

An Intuitive Lesson Guide

The Smart Guide helps you learn the critical concepts tested on the GMAT in a simple, step-by-step

lesson guide with detailed flashcards and practice questions. Develop your Reading Comprehension

abilities, improve your accuracy on Problem Solving and Data Sufficiency questions, learn to spot

common grammar errors tested on Sentence Correction questions, and build your Critical Reasoning


Performance Analytics

As you practice GMAT questions on Prep4GMAT, the app tracks your performance and highlights your

test strengths and weaknesses, helping you zero in on what you need to study in order to boost your

GMAT score. It’s a smarter approach to exam prep than mindlessly reviewing everything in a prep


Expert Tutors

Anytime you feel stuck, get one-on-one help from an expert tutor directly through the app or schedule

a time to meet up in person or over Skype. Prep4GMAT makes it easy to get help from those who’ve

already mastered the GMAT and attended some of the top programs around the world.

Tutors you work with can now monitor your study performance on Prep4GMAT so that they can

provide in-depth feedback and help on improving your test weaknesses during tutoring sessions.


No matter how little time you have you can take a quick practice test. Have

20 minutes on your morning commute? Set the practice test timer, choose which question types you’d like to practice, and take a short practice test.

Top School Tracker

Browse over 100 MBA programs from around the world and add the schools you wish to apply to on

your Top Schools List. On your Top Schools List you’ll see exactly how far your estimated GMAT

score is from your schools’ average scores, giving you a clear picture of how close you are to getting

the GMAT score you need.

School Matcher

There are thousands of MBA programs out there — each with their own strengths, specialties, and opportunities. Finding a school that corresponds to your career goals is tougher than just looking at a top ten list. Prep4GMAT’s new School Matcher uses a smart matching algorithm to find schools that are a good fit based on your academic and work background as well as what you wish to accomplish in business school and beyond.

Study smart and save time. Let Prep4GMAT help you master the GMAT so that you focus on the rest

of your application and begin your MBA journey at your dream school.

The app is FREE for a limited time only!

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I like that I can keep practicing while on the go but this app is far from perfect. Some of the questions involve a lot of decimals or other questions where scratch paper is helpful (and you’re given a whiteboard during the test), but I can’t do that while answering the question on my phone. Having a “Scratch Paper” option where you can doodle would be helpful. Secondly, I’ve been marked wrong on questions where my answer (even according to the explanation) was correct. Number Theory Set 3, Q1 the correct answer is E, but I was marked wrong for that choice and C is highlighted... then in the explanation it states E is the correct answer. There’s some work that needs to be done to this app to make it really valuable, but it’s definitely on the right track.

Great stuff

Great Review program.

Video tutorials

What I really love about this app that it giving you explanations weather the answer is right or wrong and even providing a video tutorials which is extremely helpful for understanding purpose.

Cannot log in

I haven’t been able to log into the app. I have reset my passwords, tried to log in through google but not avail. I’m just going to find something else

Won’t sync across devices
Paulie r from oh

Even with the same apple account ID and same email address registered, if you used this on your phone and try to switch to iPad you have to start everything from scratch. Terrible app with no sync, would be great otherwise

Some features don’t work

I like this app and it’s helpful but when it comes to me entering my phone number and address, for the school marching it goes back to my main page I don’t why pilz help me and the other thing my choice of university is not on the list provided when I go on search to add it nothing comes still like I can’t type it in what could be the problem help pilz thanks ?

Im using it now

I dont like the new July 2019 update. It didnt save the lessons i already completed. And i cant see my top schools or top scores. Weirdd


Good software for gmat test

Great review app

Definitely worth the in app purchase



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