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GMANews Online, compatible with both iPhone units and iPad devices, continues to deliver breaking news in the Philippines and around the world.
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The app's regular features include news and image content from the various section of GMANews Online: News, Sports, Money, SciTech, Showbiz, Lifestyle, and Opinion. Get alerts and notifications on your device when a breaking news story is published. It also showcases videos from GMA and GMA News TV. Aside from this, you will also be able to listen to DZBB am radio streaming 24 hours a day.

Experience optimum browsing and get all the information you need at the palm of your hands. The action bar lets you go directly to your preferred section and manage customization settings. Customize your GMA News app by choosing your favorite sections and the number of articles that will be displayed.

When an Internet connection is detected, news stories, photos, and videos are automatically updated with the latest content. You can then browse the news at your leisure. For easier reading, you can adjust the font of the text to a size that suits you. A link on each article gives you the option to view it on the GMA News Online mobile site. When browsing offline, the application loads the most recently downloaded news content.

Enjoy smooth scrolling within the articles, and just swipe to move from one section to another or from one story to the next on the same section. You may also share content to Facebook, Twitter, and email from within the GMA News Online app.


Fair and balance
tura ca

Great app

Thank you

Awesome app! ??

Not enough news
more balot please

Needs more news. Local sections, with local corespondents doing local news. Too much old stuff.

Tondo, Manila
lito gomez

Relevant and real news! I’m a Manila boy, I’d like to see more news about Manila especially in Tondo! Thank you much! God bless us all!

News and email
bob las vegas

I love watching gma news but when I email for an answer never got it. Please show how I can get an answer for my email. Thanks

Very few relevant news

This is one of the lousiest news outlets that I have ever seen. Stop printing irrelevant news and streamline your front page because it looks like a scrap book that was designed by a teenager. Also, who cares about aswang or maligno. Come on, we are on the 21st century and no one believes that crap. Stick with the news and separate the celebrity news which are mostly gossip and give it a different page.

San Diego, California

I love watching GMA news daily. Please continue doing good job, I am aFilipina, I love to know what is happening in Philipines. God bless us all. Thank you.

GMA News App Keeps Crashing

I deleted the app and downloaded it from the App Store several times and the app keeps crashing. I did a soft reboot of the iPad and downloaded the app again but the app keeps crashing. Maybe this app needs another update to fix this problem.

Can not open app


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