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Gif Maker Cam - Animated Picture to Video Editor

Gif Maker Cam is your new #1 app for making gifs out of photos. Turn your favorite pics into cool animations with just a few simple steps. Select or snap a few photos, add stickers, choose animation speed and you’re ready to impress the world. This gif maker is very easy to use, with clean interface and one of a kind options for converting pictures into short animations. Share your personalized gif with your online friends to let them wonder how you made it. Now you can bring your photo editing skills on a whole another level - download this app and you will never need another gif maker.
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Photo & Video Free Marko Kitanovic iPhone, iPad, iPod

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* Free easy to use gif video maker
* Make awesome gifs with stickers
* Use photos from your gallery or take new ones
* Upload up to 10 photos from your gallery
* Take a photo sequence with your camera automatically or manually
* Select which shots you want to use
* Add photo stickers to your gif
* Save to gallery
* Share on social networks

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Once you start using this app you won’t be able to put your phone down. Gif Maker Cam comes with some modern options for making gifs that will be useful to you for every occasion. What’s more it is quite simple to use – you can snap a few photos with the camera, use an automatic sequence, or upload from gallery, add some funny stickers, adjust speed and that’s it. You’ll be shocking your friends and family in an instant!

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If you’re searching for an app that gives more than just photo collages or framed pictures, then this gif maker is right for you. From now on you have a chance to put all your memories in one gif and share it online or send it to your loved one. Surprise your friend with a collection of funny photos and precious moments together, all combined into one gif with some stylish stickers. Sounds great? Wait till you try it! Download this cutting-edge software now for some awesome gif making experience.


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