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For owners of haunted houses or those that want to know what goes bump in the night ...
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Entertainment Free ioMetics LLC iPhone, iPad, iPod

Ghost Listener lets you record and playback enhanced audio. Set the timer to start recording on any date and time in the future. Limit the record duration for any number of minutes.

Think you've got a monster under your bed? Set the record time to midnight tonight and slide your iPhone under the bed. If the monster makes a sound, you can play it back safe and sound in the daylight hours!

Enhanced audio recording will pick up audible background sounds such as creaking floorboards in the other room, chains rattling the attic rafters, and the soft moans of disembodied spirits.

For spirits desiring to communicate through white noise, set audio enhancement to the highest level and place the recording device in a perfectly quiet location.

For best paranormal listening, use high quality (studio grade) headphones or earbuds.

Should not be used to record living people or the channeled voices of ancient and powerful gods or goddesses without their knowledge or permission.

Warning: Do not leave your iPhone or iPod in locations subject to ectoplasm or other types of ethereal condensates.

Ghost Listener goes great with -
- Seances
- Channeling of the ancients
- Ouija board sessions
- Tarot card readings
- Palm readings
- Magic eight ball viewings


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