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Ghost Hunter - Paranormal Activity Detector

Is there a paranormal activity in your house? Are there any ghosts that took residence in your apartment? What are they saying, what do they want?
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Entertainment $0.99 ofijo iPhone, iPad, iPod

You can easily get answers to all these questions with the Ghost Hunter - Paranormal Activity Detector!
Based on real ghost detecting techniques it interprets your device's signals and warns you about nearby ghost activity.

- Readout graph plotting
- Text display
- EMF meter gauge
- Detection event indicators
- Sensitivity adjustment slider
- Sound alerts

Please note that this application, while based on real ghost detection techniques, cannot be proven scientifically and as such should be used for entertainment purposes only.


words detector need a little faster and long

I was wondering if u guys can make word jackpot little faster and stay the word and make it stop ditching the next words. Btw I noticed that if u can make a words at the left and not jumping letters. I hope I made sense to u.

Not a good app!

The word wheel takes for ever and when it finally stops it starts up again. If you ain't staring at it you won't know if stopped cause it don't have an alert!


when I went down stairs it was strange I was yelling for the ghost to come and it did It was funny too.

Had to Delete It...

Someone reallly angry was using this device to scare the #@%$!! out of me! I think device word data bank could be limited but the responses I got made sense, and they were not very nice. I had to delete my apps because I couldn't deal with it anymore. WARNING: THIS THING IS REAL....NO PLAYING HERE>>> and by the way I have an older Ipod so ther is no mic and no it can't tell what is in the room or what I am saying. But it knew, 5 stars for SCARY


A nifty app to be sure. Rather enjoyable working overnights at a gas station behind a funeral home. Kind of gives me someone to talk to at times.

Very Scary
Happy Mom 1645

I was drinking wine and it said, "drunk". So I asked who was talking to me and it said , "Devil". That really scared me and I will probably delete this app out of fear of what I may open myself to. Use at your own risk.

Totally lame app!

Save your money. All it has is a few dials and spinners that continually spin and occasionally make a word. Your only interaction with the app is to flip the switch to on.


This thing is real. Every time I go someplace creepy it acts up and when I'm at home it never works.


It's a fun party game more along those lines Witch. Coven. Black. Etc. said hungry and run I said your outta luck I'm tired and not running anywhere and if you touch my last cup cake ill kill ya again. Nothing after that happened and my cup cake was good.

Ghost sniper23546

I was messing around I the basement and I had my iPad I got the app it was going haywire!!Then I saw something real it was looking at me!!The radar said KILL!I was so scared!

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