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Ghost Detect Pro has been optimized for the iPhone 5 to bring the best ghost hunting experience to the App Store.
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Entertainment $0.99 Perfect Reality Apps LLC iPhone, iPad, iPod

• This app WILL scare you
• ALL the sensors on one page
• Radar that actually tracks anomalies
• Very accurate EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) detector
• Super sensitive microphone - hears every little noise
• Records audio for EVP sessions
• EVP that speaks to you, with five different voices available
• Detects vibrations and movement
• Alerts for every sensor
• Draws all this to a very accurate graph
• Quantum Flux detector
• Takes photos and detects anomalies in them - Camera can be turned off an on

Graph detail info below:
• Device Sensor Readout/Graph:This will show data over time.

Graph Line Colors:
* Red = Change in magnetic field in the X axis.
* Green = Change in magnetic field in the Y axis.
* Blue = Change in magnetic field in the Z axis.
* Yellow = Change in Electro Magnetic Field Discriminator (see description below).
* White = Change in Microphone Sound Input (see description below).
* Orange = Change in the Quantum Flux, if this line is moving up or down, strange things may happen.

More detailed instructions are in the app, just touch the little blue “i” button.

Have Fun!

This app is for entertainment proposes only.



Why would you write in the description, This app will scare you...$$$, is my guess. The emf is accurate but apparently it’s not rocket science, because there are a ton of emf detector apps that work. The pictures are fake and it’s really insulting especially when $ is involved.

Says things nobody else would know about me

The only reason I got this ap is bc I have been having a male entity coming into my dreams, he was my guide for 9 years. I have also had a bizarre astral plane experience with him. So I wanted to figure out what or who this guy is! The images are very interesting and as a clairvoyant whom has seen this ghost BEFORE I got this ap, as well as having communication with it (knowledge of likes, dislikes, words and expressions used by the entity) it was SPOT ON to what I saw with my astral eyes (I can have real time site) The phrases seem like random sometimes...but last night the words were spot on to what was happening at the moment. I had picked up a picture of a soul family member (spirit brother whom is alive in the physical) and immediately the dictator remarked “mate”, “handsome”, “important” Then it said “fade”. Fade into you was a song that I remember this person by. So it was quite literally picking up my feelings towards that person! Also recently I hurt my nose. It made a remark about that too. It said “nose”, “better” Like it was asking did my nose feel better after I hurt it!! I could not believe it. I will also add that as a medium BECAUSE this particular ap is pretty legit, always do protecting and guarding by asking to speak with beings of “love and light”. This is what you will get.

I wanted to believe

I totally believe in the paranormal as a psychic medium myself and I have seen and experienced lots of supernatural things. This app has a lot of entertainment value no doubt about this. The first thing I don’t like is the fake ghost pics the app takes. As soon as you open the app give about three minutes or less and boom you got a ghost photo. Close out the app and open it again and you will get the same results. The second issue I have is the sound bank is very repetitive and you get the same words over and over. In saying that it doesn’t mean I spirit could not use this app. But in my experience I Just lost 99 cents.

Waste of tome

Just bought this for fun and giggles but the evp session does not seem to record anything I send the file to my email and there’s is nothing recorded on it zero mins of time. The app crashes a lot and I just bought it which I don’t see why it does. Waste of $.99

Ghost Detector

This is the best app I’ve ever tried . I always seem to get a spiritual picture or evp responding to my questions. Keep up the good work !

Detector pro

I haven’t used this as much as I have in the past. I’ve had some very interesting experiences. But now the app keeps shut down. Please fix it.

Not working on my iPhone 10xsmax

My apps not working :( and I paid for it :(

Oh my God!

So far this app has taken 8 ghostly pictures and i am by far absolutely thrilled yet extremely terrified of the results. I cannot sleep now thanks to all the pictures I've taken so far. Hopefully I'll get some rest soon. Again, what an amazing app!


I absolutely love this app! I was devastated when I thought it wasn’t available in the App Store anymore because my iPhone archived it and it said it wasn’t available. I’m so happy it’s back!!!


The timing on what the words say are very on point. I brought a friend to the graveyard and told him I was going with friends back to the graveyard on Saturday but never said the name of the friend. Then, the app said “Misty” and it was honestly really weird. I asked a lot of questions and it pretty much was on point most of the time. I turned it on once I got home while I was watching TV and it would say what’s about to happen on the episode of what I was watching which really messed with me. When it’s annoyed, it’ll tell you too. I’ve had a lot of physical verification that it works as well. This is probably the best and closest app you will get to ghost hunting with a phone. I love all of the features that come with it.

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