GeoVista CU Mobile Reviews

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GeoVista CU Mobile is free iOS app published by GeoVista Federal Credit Union

Great updated App!


So nice to see our small,local, Credit union offer the same services and conveniences as large banks! I can finally deposit my checks via IPhone!

GeoVistia App- many improvements needed


The banking app needs improvements. 1st an update to include touch ID on iPhones would be nice. 2nd it would be nice to be able to search back thru accounts more then about 6 weeks as it is now. 3rd improve/add a balance after the transaction. This way balancing or fixing a mistake would be quicker. My MHV(another credit union) app does all the above. I just feel this app could use many improvements and be brought up to today's technology. Time to get with current needs and technology.

Credit card


I would like when I open my app to scroll through my credit card charges and payments just like I can a my line of credit, savings, and checking.

App gives GeoVista a bad Name


I thought I was doing something by opening up an credit union account closer to my house, boy what an Huge Mistake that was. I never seen such an old Fashion, out dated app in my life. I guess if you’re not an mobile bank person, then GeoVista will be perfect for you, unfortunately I love mobile banking and this bank doesn’t offer that, so I’ll be sticking with Navy Federal for an while, b/c my local credit unions don’t know how to get with the program.

Mobile app!!


Update mobile app pleaseeeee!!!



Wish this app could use Touch ID, rather than having to enter the password AND security questions every time I login.

Online bank

scott bass69

Great bank to bank with no hidden charges straight forward bank

Constantly logs you out


It constantly logs you out and when you sign back in it tells you it can’t validate your login info. So then you have to go to your bank or call to have them reset it. In this day and age how difficult is it to have a working functioning app!?

Bad app


Every time I open the app, and use the correct password and ID, it always, ALWAYS, gives me a message that tells me it isn’t correct. The app is the only way for me to check my balance because online I have no option of checking it. The app is really bad and should get looked at or something... I’m getting both tired and frustrated when it constantly gives me some error message when all I want to do is check my balance.



The app is better now.. Now we need for GeoVista to give us Apple Pay