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Gangster Bank Robbery - Cops and Robber Heist Game

In a mad city of crime, robbing a bank is the first job that comes to mind of a notorious mafia criminals. Gangster Robbery Escape Squad gives the experience of pulling off a heist & bank escape in one day to become a getaway member of mafia gangsters. Notorious heists usually happen in this miami crime city. It's time for a robbery crime for the notorious gangster as he is ready to rob a major bank. Be the crime driver, steer the car quickly and try to loot the bank. Skillfully take hostages and counter attack the guards. Carefully make way inside the bank, shooting police guards with precision aiming. Do what needs to be after the prison escape mission and flee away skillfully. Don’t let the cops punish for criminal activities. Plan out the grand bank robbery before taking out all the cops guarding the bank. Rob all the cash, gold, do jewel heist and steal other valuables & join the miami gangsters before cops reach the crime scene to make the police arrest. Complete the bank job with your criminal squad in this heist. After spending a lot of hard time in jail, no one wants to be in there again.
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Take hostages in the action. Against a police crime chase like this one needs to execute the best plan in the big bank robbery that you can think of. This is the chance to act as a master robber ready to take away everything. There are numerous cops & police men on the miami streets trying to prevent any grand bank robbery. Take advantage of hostages and dodge the police duty cops and don’t end up in jail again. Plan, attack & steal all that there is in the bank and leave no traces. Make getaway by escaping the city by grand theft of vehicles which are parked outside the bank. Being a member of a mafia gang, attack or shooting with weaponry any police forces standing in the way is the only choice. You don't want to end up in prison because of this crime case. Escape the crime scene by dodging cops while driving your car via escape route. Destroy anyone that is an obstacle to escape the police car chase. This crime affected city needs criminals & robbers to heist a bank professionally and avoiding any arrest. This is a true cops vs robbers mission for a city gangster in an action packed bank robbery crime. Gangster Robbery Escape Squad will give you the ultimate experience of criminal police chase in the crime city in a crazy getaway like in shooting games & latest robbery games.

Gangster Robbery Escape Squad Key Features:

- Realistic 3D Bank Environment with hostage situation
- Extreme police shootout missions
- Intuitive & Fluid Game shooting controls
- Realistic Gangster character
- Experience police chase in this grand robbery game
- Exciting action in robbery crime levels
- Collect power ups such as time extension, health & gun ammo
- Use stealth in escape missions and take out officers of the law.