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Tower of HaNoi (also called the Tower of Brahma or Lucas' Tower, and sometimes pluralized) is a mathematical game or puzzle. It consists of three rods, and a number of disks of different sizes which can slide onto any rod. The puzzle starts with the disks in a neat stack in ascending order of size on one rod, the smallest at the top, thus making a conical shape.
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The objective of the puzzle is to move the entire stack to another rod, obeying the following simple rules:

- Only one disk can be moved at a time.

- Each move consists of taking the upper disk from one of the stacks and placing it on top of another stack i.e. a disk can only be moved if it is the uppermost disk on a stack.

- No disk may be placed on top of a smaller disk.

- With three disks, the puzzle can be solved in seven moves. The minimum number of moves required to solve a Hà Nội Tower puzzle is 2n - 1, where n is the number of disks.


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