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"It’s the perfect sort of game for mobile devices and there’s so much to do here [...]" -
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Games $4.99 Greenheart Games Pty. Ltd. iPhone, iPad, iPod

5/5 - Toucharcade

Game Dev Tycoon is a casual business simulation game where your success depends on your creativity and willingness to experiment. The game does *not* contain any in-app purchases or ads. Slip into the role of a game developer: start your own company, design your own games and make your way to the top to become a Game Dev Tycoon.

- Start your own game development company in the 80s
- Replay gaming history
- Design and create your own games
- Hold your breath and wait for reviews to come in
- Research new technologies
- Hire and manage a world-leading development team
- Become the leader of the market
- Gain worldwide fans

Game Dev Tycoon for iPhone and iPad introduces:
- An updated story line
- New topics to enable even more varied games
- A challenging (but optional) ‘pirate mode’
- Built-in screen recording and streaming support

Game Dev Tycoon does not require an internet connection so go ahead and build your gaming empire in Airplane Mode.


Amazing game about making games!

I rarely leave reviews, but hear me out on this one. I was originally planning on trying this on my MacOS but never was able to. When I saw that it became available for iOS, I gave it a try. After playing it for a couple of hours, I have to say that it seems very well constructed and the developers must have put good thought into it. Overall, I really enjoy the game as well as the references to events in game development history. I definitely would recommend it to anyway who is curious to give this game a try!

So addictive
M. Starr Brannigan

This game is a blast and hard to put down. I expected an idle game, but I was sorely mistaken.

Easily worth the 5 dollars

This game is so cool because when you sell a hit game it gives you the best rush and sense of accomplishment and that is awesome and I hope to see more games from you guys in the future because greenheart you have some real talent.

Dear Devs, great game! But..

Awesome game guys. I love it. I cant stop playing it. i definitely don't have what it takes to be a game dev tycoon. Yet. But there are a few little issues that don’t detract but are just minor annoyance. A little bug maybe. After going in the red I was asked if I wanted to take a loan out for about 400K, but later payback only 25K. I thought I was about to just make out with that extra money, but the bailout ended up actually being over 500K. Maybe a mistake in the writing? Also, playing on the iPhone x, I tend to hold my phone with the Volume buttons down. The start up screen will display that orientation, but is soon as you get to the game menu and the game itself it automatically flips 180°. And you can’t rotate it back.

I wish I could give it 0 stars

This app used to be great. The first time I played it was great, now it won’t even open up the app. Please fix it.

Iphone x
G8r Fan

Never had an issue until latest update to fix “iphone x startup issue”. Now it sits on orange startup screen indefinitely. Nice update. Edit: restarting gamecenter fixed it, back to game developing. Thanks! Great game, deserves all 5 stars!


Only one thing, please add a casual game mode. Like where there isn’t bankruptcy. Other than the slight learning curve great game!

Great game

Please keep making good updates. Please and maybe ability to play with friends sounds nice.


Best game these days. You pay once and that's all, no micro transactions.

Been waiting for this

Edit : controls and button design notwithstanding, this is still my favorite tycoon game out there. Love the game and have played on multiple platforms. On iPhone, however, I am not a fan of the new UI. The research screen is a giant-tiled mess, and there isn't enough differentiation in shading from a selected versus a non-selected tile when making a game or creating an engine. Otherwise the game plays as I expect. I'm sure I'll get used to it... When I do I'll update my review when I have a better handle for it.