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An exercise book for toddlers up to about 5 years.
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Conceived from the experiences of parents.
Tailored and built on pedagogical points of view / aspects:
• Supportive, but not overwhelming
• no unnecessary sound
• Discreetly used animations
• Design adapted to small children.
• Clear, not overloaded presentation
Thus, your child can learn by playing without overstimulation and you can let your child play without a guilty conscience.
Diverse tasks await your child in the app:
• Look for differences
• Assign the right thing
• Finding couples
• Reaction exercises
• Find things
• and more
These tasks promote and train the memory. Your child will also get to know the world a little more, for example what animals there are and what they eat and where they live.
With each new booklet you will find new educational tasks, expanded to include new animals or objects.
Let us share your experiences and impressions with the “preschool book”. We are happy to include your suggestions and wishes in the development of new tasks


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