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Download Funny Voice Changer and Sound Recorder- Make Prank Ringtones With Audio Transformer

Funny Voice Changer and Sound Recorder- Make Prank Ringtones With Audio Transformer

Are you ready for a brand new voice modifier with tons of features and sound effects? Funny Voice Changer and Sound Recorder is a superb sound transformer that can tun any piece of audio record into a hilarious ringtone or a text message sound. However, that is not all! You can also record your wn voice or the voice of your friends and then transform or edit it with the help of the amazing sound effects. Add any of the voice effects and find the perfect match, whether that may be a funny or scary effect. Try them all and you'll be rolling on the floor laughing as soon as you start replaying your new ringtones. Enjoy making your voice recordings and transforming them for free!
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* Record your voice and transform it or modify the existing sounds and songs!
* Plenty of funny voice changer sound effects!
* Try helium, chipmunk, alien, witch, ogre and many other funny sound effects!
* Turn the modified sounds into ringtones or SMS sounds!
* Instantly play the modified sound and laugh out loud!
* Record, edit, save and share your new audio records via all social networks!
* Myriad of sound altering features – set speech speed, echo, pitch,etc.
* In-app purchases and the option to restore purchases!

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****** Ideal voice recorder and sound modifier! ******

Girls and boys, this voice changer with effects will brighten up each dull day within a few minutes. Remove ads if you do not want to be disturbed and keep editing voice records as a pro. Create cool ringtones out of your friends' voices and call whomever you want to prank and hear their reaction! Morph recordings in a couple of easy steps,edit or save them and share them via all the major social networks. Do you like pulling pranks? Record the voice of one of your friends and apply any of the voice effects such as chipmunks, witch, ogre and set that sound as a custom ringtone, or play it for your cliqu of friends. You'll get the title of the main prankster in no time.

****** Laugh till you drop with custom ringtone maker! ******

Are you tired of the generic ringtones? If you are ready to refresh your sound collection, all you need to do is to get this amazing free download and show off your creativity. Sound morphing has never been easier and more fun than with Funny Voice Changer and Sound Recorder! Just record any voice or music and start applying crazy sound effects – you'll be amazed by the hilarious results. Create great text message sounds and custom ringtones in just a couple of taps, save them and prepare to have the coolest private soundboard. We guarantee that you'll have lots of fun as you create the best and most original tunes imaginable. Embrace this awesome music altering tool and enjoy!


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