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Frog Jump Puzzle

In a jungle of addictive and loud games, We are offering this famous frog puzzle for you. Download it today and have Fun!!!
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Games Free Jaldip Upadhyay iPhone, iPad, iPod

Your Job:

Move all the green and yellow frogs to the opposite sides. Click the frogs to move to a vacant leaf. A frog can jump over only one other frog to land onto a vacant leaf. Frogs cannot jump backwards. If you find you have blocked your frogs into an impossible position, you can play again.


Nice but comes with dram
Liza R

Can’t close the game and it’s stuck on your phone. Also tons commercials. Not worth my time having to shut phone off


Used to be a great app until the last update. Now you have to listen to the same stupid video after each game. Time to delete it.

Love to test my friends

This is a simple yet tricky puzzle that can keep people busy for a long time.

Trash game

Game is terrible don't download. Ad every time you restart.