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Fox Communities Credit Union Mobile provides members convenient access to our website, mobile check deposit, mobile banking, branch and contact information.
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Make mobile deposit great again!

Since I downloaded this newer version of the app I am unable to use the mobile deposit. Worked once the first day but not since then. Should have kept the older version. All I ask is that you make mobile deposit great again!

Yep not impressed

From coming from Harbor Credit Union a much smaller bank than Fox Communities this app is bulky and asks way too may questions. I understand that its for your security. I would like to say why dont you put in touch id for faster access. Instead of all of these drop down menus go straight to the account information then provide a drop down menu so people then can access what they need. Still to bad that Harbor Credit Union chose you.

Cumbersome to use.
Done to the well

Please add Touch ID. Take a look at SunTrust app. Their app works beautifully.

Will overdraft you

This app is trash and I’m about to switch banks because of it. Constantly glitching telling me I have less money or more money than I actually do

Behind the times

Does not display in landscape mode on the iPad, only portrait mode. User interface seems outdated as if it is only an iPhone app enlarged to fit the iPad.

Sloppy, scattered, and limited

I can honestly say using Associated banking app was very neat, simple, and efficient. This app is very disappointing and considerable a waste of space on my phone. I would consider updating it to make it more orderly and cleaner looking.

Terrible. Worst banking app of all time.

Don’t try to login with Touch ID. Won’t work. Way too long to get to account information. Why do navigation icons do different actions? One gives you a drop down menu, another has pop up icons, and another takes you to a different screen. You can tell it was an outsourced app developer or Fiverr. Nothing intuitive. For “credit reasons,” they’ve blocked mobile check deposit. This makes absolutely zero sense. Check DEPOSIT. If you’re reading this, I probably closed my accounts just because of this app. Garbage from the trash. Go somewhere else. Anywhere.

Clunky to use

My main qualm with this app is that it could easily be much more streamlined and user-friendly. I would highly recommend adding Touch ID for easier user access. Additionally, I always feel I have to click on too many needless options to get to where I’m trying to go. Otherwise, I haven’t had any other problems with the app. Compared to other banking apps like Chase, this one is just very cumbersome to use.

Getting better

Finally this is getting better

The worst!!

The worst it’s always crashing and most of the time it won’t let me sign in!! Terrible service please fix it!!!

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