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Ghost prank application appears to be an easy gaming feature, But the victim is being secretly video-recorded without knowing. While the victim is playing, a demon creature suddenly jump out with unexpected scary sound ;)
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Reference Free Kiran Devi iPhone, iPad, iPod


1. Turn up the volume.

2. Start app and play any modes of the game.

3. Bring the victim to a quiet area where he/she can focus e.g like dark silent room. 

4. Hand the app to the victim you wish to scare.
5. Wait for few seconds.

6. You got their scared moment captured on video.

7. Now share the video to everyone via Facebook ;)


1. Spot Differences

2. Dot Concentrate
3. Camera

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PLEASE: Do not show this app to people under 12 or people with faint of heart. Also - most people will drop the phone - beware of this! Best if people are sitting down.


Authors of this application do not take responsibility of any results using this application.


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