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Fold: Bitcoin Cashback Rewards

Get free bitcoin when you shop at Amazon, Uber, Starbucks, Target,, REI and many more.
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Whether you are shopping online, buying a coffee, or hailing a car, Fold is the most rewarding everyday spending app.  Sync your credit card or bitcoin wallet and spend via Fold to get up to 20% cashback in bitcoin instantly.

Fold users earn thousands of dollars in bitcoin while shopping at their favorite retailers each month. Bitcoin rewards are paid out instantly, which users can spend on their next purchase, save for later use, or withdraw to a personal wallet. So far, the data shows that half of users spend their bitcoin rewards to bolster their next purchase, while the rest accumulate it as savings.

We're changing the fact that rewards points are issued in the form of restricted airline miles, arbitrary points or depreciating USD, instead of the best performing savings asset of the last decade: bitcoin. But, unlike existing rewards programs that require users to give up their privacy for points, Fold's new app rewards users for shopping privately

We combine bitcoin, lightning network, prepaid cards and other privacy features to ensure your personal information, payment details and transaction data is kept private - safe from advertisers and attackers alike. We're a payment gateway without the transaction fees and a rewards program without the privacy breaches.

Fold is 'incognito mode' for everyday spending- one of the most private forms of payment available.


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