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"Fly water rocket" it can launch a simple pet bottle rocket. It is rocket launch simulation game.
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Games Free Tsuyoshi Itoh iPhone, iPad, iPod

Replace the parts of the water rocket, so rocket can fly higher.

*** Let's launch the rocket! ***

"Fly water rocket" will make the launch in launch complex, combination of the parts in the garage.
Because density of the air, the gravity calculate with a physical engine, you can enjoy real launching.

== How to launch the water rocket. ==

The screen lower part is the operation board. At first you turn on a central Main Switch.
Next, you push the left lower Pump button, and put the air in a PET bottle. Do not mind the water, because it enter automatically.
The body explodes when you put the air it too much, watch liquid crystal display and a pressure gauge well.

Launch a rocket with right big LAUNCH button! The rocket fly to the sky.
The jet after the second stage is this button, too.

If it has launched with a satellite, push EJECT button for payload release.
Some type of satellite has thrusters, they are able to move to right ,left and upward.

Marks of the scattered star, increases your point.You watch radars well, and get them.
But the blue star decrease your point.

Push the icon of documents, advance to the Score Count.

== Score Count ==

With the Score Count screen, maximum altitude of object turns into your point. If you got many stars, your points increase.
When you set new record or release a satellite, you'll get point bonus.

Your point will increase when you watch a short animation advertisement. Let's use it by all means.

== Garage ==

You can change the part of the rocket in the garage. Let's buy various parts using a point.

Repeat launch, and let's accumulate a point until you can buy the parts which you want.

It is here to change the parts which you bought.

== Rocket performance specifications ==

The specifications of the present rocket and records are seen.

==Summary ==

You can fly to the unbelievable place when you use the good parts.
Try do your best.

*Even if this game is not connected WiFi, You can play this.
*This game use each permissions for advertisement delivery.


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