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Build and run your very own pet rescue! Help pets find loving homes! Clean, heal, and feed pets and choose from a never-ending selection of playpens, activities, and decorations.
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Games Free MindJolt iPhone, iPad, iPod


- BUILD, NAME, and DECORATE your very own pet rescue!
- So many wonderful breeds to play with - Pet a Pug! Brush a Bulldog! Cuddle a Calico!
- THREE MINI GAMES to choose from!
- Daily Deals and a Daily Spinner!
- New Items every week!
- Play with the animals to increase their happiness
- DESIGN every detail with plants, toys, playpens - even deluxe vet & grooming stations in association with The Humane Society of the United States!
- Leveling-up has never been so cute!

PLEASE NOTE: Fluff Friends Rescue is free to play, but charges real money for certain in-app content. You may disable the ability to purchase in-app content by adjusting your device’s settings.

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Kai rocks123

A couple of years ago I had this game and I loved it so so much and for some reason i stopped using it. I since got a new phone and went to download it and I cant because it says it has to update in order to work. I am so so so sad because it was my favorite game. Creators, can you please please please update it??

Please update 😭

I loved this game so much in high school and would give anything to play it again.

Plz update

I had this game when I was younger and was going to download it again on my phone. But I can’t 😭. So plz plz plz update this app so I can have my puppies back 🐶?!

Please update?

The last time I played this game was years ago... AND IT STILL HASN'T UPDATED! The game was great and all but I wish I could actually play it.

Please make this game compatible for iOS 11! 😩

I loved this game and want to play it again, but it’s not compatible. Also, when I try to play it on my iPad, it doesn’t show the bar and always says no internet when I have internet. Please fix this, and let everyone be able to play it again! 😔

fluff friends rescue

I loved this game sooo much when I was younger and wanted to play again but can’t because it doesn't work with ios 11. please update the game

I used to love this app
Aimee Koala

Please Update 😭 THIS USED TO BE MY Favorite APP but now it doesn't even load 😥😥😥


Please, creators... FIX. IT. I played this for months and it was my favorite game. Then I deleted it because I needed space. But I missed the game so a couple months later I went to go get it again. I was so disappointed and sad that when I opened it, it kept crashing before I could even start. PLZ FIX. I LOVED THIS GAME AND I WANT T CONTINUE LOVING IT. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Please update it

This game is so fun and I really miss playing it. I would really like it to just work again

Won't load! Please read.
Bobby Shmurda lol

In about 2013, my sister and I downloaded this game. It was so fun and it was a very addicting game but we had to delete it because of storage issues. I was looking through my old purchased games on my iPad and I found this one and Rescue Reef because I used to play both. My sister and I were so excited, until we realized that it would never load. We waited so long, about 30 minutes. It never loaded. We decided we would power off our iPad and reopen the app, but the same problem had occurred. Mind that this happened with both apps. I hope the creators of the game will fix this issue, I'm looking forward to bringing back old memories of this game and Rescue reef with my sister. Thanks. - A loyal player of Fluff Friends rescue and Rescue Reef.