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Beatiful game for the girls!
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Games Free WEI XIA iPad

Play flower chain game and pop as many flowers as you can by causing a flowery chain reaction。

Flower chain is a nice little chain reaction puzzle game where all you have to do is Tap on the screen to pop first flowers chain reaction so that all floating flowers get a chance to grow bigger. If you miss to many times it will be game over. Try to get high score!

1. Aesthetic music.
2. Easy simple operation can make players physically and mentally to be completely relaxed.
3.5 kinds of different attributes of the color flower, not the same as the characteristics of an open, greatly increased gameplay.
4. With the global scoring system, and global player an arch-competitor.

Come and enjoy the aesthetic feeling, try your skill and luck.



I don't really get it... But I guess thats cuz I didn't read the instructions! But cute flowers!!!

Nice simple fun

I really like this app for relaxing challenge. Not much here though. I'd stay it's better priced at .99 or 1.99 rather than 2.99. I would have bought full version at .99 without question.


Pretty flowers, however, the add on the bottom was in the way and distracting.

Very simple, soothing music
Narton Bismarck

A different concept for a game, and it comes off quite well. Definitely worth a try, and I am considering buying the full version.

Unintelligible instructions, dull play.

Couldn't keep my 2 year old or me interested.

Music is back YAY!!!
Anne Zayas

I used to play this game alot when I had my 3GS due to the music. Sometimes would even turn the app on just to hear a relaxing melody. Please return the music & I will give it a fifth star. Only four for now cuz I still like the game. Thank you! Review update: So happy music is back!! Thank you!!! Please never get rid of it!!