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My name is Raheel Qamar and I am making this as my Genius Hour project. This is my first app ever, please enjoy. :)
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Good game 10/10 would play again

Its lit af, game of the year, sooooo cool

So lit, game of the year

Best game

This is the BEST game I have ever played I played this in the car and it is so good you have to download it right now

I love you Raheel

This game inspired me to do more in my life. Not just sit around and eat kabobs all day, it helped me get my butt up and become a part of the world and do something with my life. Thank you Raheel for making this game.

This game is absolute trash

Don't get it

Flabby Duck
Splash Bro #3

Game is fun.

This game
Meilleure application jamais

This game is the gr8est game ever Id play this more than that crap game clash Royal

Omg how fun

Bruh I played this game for literally 14 hours straight when it came out. So addicting and play-worthy!

Amazing Game!!!!

This game is amazing, I have so much fun playing it. It is way better then Flappy Bird and it is so much fun.

Best game ever.

When this game dropped I was soooo hyped. This game is the most brilliant creation ever and I played it the whole way to India. I love the stunning graphics and the sophistication behind the simple idea of tapping a bird through obstacles. I will continue to play this game for many years to come. Great job on this brilliant creation.

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