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Flappy Stick Hero Adventure

Flap like you've never flapped before. With Flappy Stick Hero, you’ll have an adventure full of burning building, adrenaline rush and fruits.
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In this crazy game, your main character is a stick hero who flaps! You’re objective is to flap and fly through buildings on fire. Oh, and on your way, you've got to collect fruits for higher scores and so you can unlock a boat load of other fun characters. Plus, you don’t simply jump! You also build stick bridges to get across to other buildings. The more you touch on the screen, the longer the stick stretches out and the bigger distance you can cover.

Like other popular and addictive games, you can share your scores in Flappy Stick Hero and challenge your friends. But be warned, you may find out pretty late that you are addicted.
It will seem harmless at start, just a simple fun game, but once you realize the amount of time you’re spending having fun, you will realize just how immersive this simple game actually is. With smooth, bug free play, this seemingly fun little game can be a major past-time.

Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself. Small in size won’t take long to download but remember, you have been warned. It's truly addictive!


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